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It is a striking stone building, and the exhibition program reflects the full spectrum of artistic expression, with artists of all levels and backgrounds, including local artists and artisans from around the world. Recent offerings include the Martin Creed Scale Exhibition, which experiments with sound, sculpture, color and audiovisual media, and a series of drawings made with ballpoint pens by various artists since the 1950s. There are changing exhibitions, a rotating exhibition - show and shoulder rubbing on the wall, as well as the annual Bridgeport Art Festival. A series and artist talks on art and criticism also provide for discussions.

The permanent collection of the museum is also very impressive and includes works by artists such as Robert Rauschenberg, Paul Gauguin, David Hockney, Andy Warhol and others. The museum is owned by the University of Connecticut College of Art and Design, one of the largest art schools in the country. The artists "exhibitions include the amazing collection of this single college, as well as a host of other artworks by local artists.

The museum's galleries showcase some of the best modern art from around the world, including works by artists such as Robert Rauschenberg, Paul Gauguin, David Hockney, Andy Warhol and others. It has a permanent collection of about 15,000 objects, including paintings, sculptures, drawings, prints, ceramics and other works of art from the past and present.

In addition to its regular exhibitions, the museum presents 4 to 6 special exhibitions every year, from antiquity to the present day. Admission to the City Lights Gallery is free and public, and access to all art spaces is wheelchair accessible.

The gallery displays paintings, mixed media, sculpture and photography, and the artisan shop offers a wide selection of art objects, clothing, accessories and other items for sale. See more of Bridgeport's diverse collection of fine arts, ceramics, jewelry, furniture and more at the gallery.

Art collectors, art travelers and artists will find it very useful, and it is online all year round. Be sure to check out the online catalog of the Bridgeport Connecticut Art Gallery, available online and in print at the Gallery of the Gallery on Main Street.

This guide is designed to help you discover art in the various art communities where you live or which you visit if you plan to visit them. Click on the Art Gallery Guides above for a list of galleries and galleries in Bridgeport, Connecticut, as well as links to other galleries across the state.

Our goal is to present relevant content and celebrate the rich culture and diversity of the greater Bridgeport area. FCBuzz, which is managed by the Fairfield County Cultural Alliance, sees nearby towns as a hub for local arts and cultural events, as well as local news and information.

Share the cheers for Vin Brulee as you view the works of artists from the Museum of Contemporary Art, Bridgeport, Connecticut (MOCA). The Art on the Move also features works by local artists as well as works from around the world. It was founded in 2010 after a collection of artists resided behind the museum in a room in downtown Hartford where they lived, worked and exhibited. The second location has been transformed into a home for nostalgic steampunk art, collectibles and antiques, including Bridgeport memorabilia, with an emphasis on vintage and contemporary art.

If you're collecting art or looking for art, there are some of the most established art galleries and arts organizations in Bridgeport. As part of the University of Connecticut, the gallery focuses on promoting the biggest trends in contemporary art and exploring interdisciplinary crossovers.

The selected artists present large and small works, highlighted by renderings by artists such as Robert Rauschenberg, Andy Warhol and David Hockney. They discover new artists and can purchase or purchase their art, which is represented by the gallery. This art gallery houses a large collection of works by artists from around the world as well as some of the best local artists.

NEST has been in Bridgeport for 25 years and would like to continue to stay in Bridgeport. Therefore, they continue to work on the annual event, which features works from art studios and galleries on various topics such as ceramics, painting, sculpture, printmaking, photography and more. NEST is also active in the community, with many of its artists offering courses and demos in public schools, engaging in cultural institutions, and supporting the larger arts community in Bridgeport. You can find out more about the current artists on their website, the exhibition is scheduled for 8 to 11. 2018.

The exhibition is sponsored by NEST, the Bridgeport Arts Council and the New Haven County Museum of Art. Celebrations include a virtual recording of local activities with the annual Pride Variety Show, which will be broadcast live on Channel 4 News at 5.30pm on Saturday 2 June 2018, featuring live performances by local artists, a live performance by the Connecticut State Police, an annual Pride Variety show broadcast and more. The Bridgeports Pride celebration will begin at 19: 00 on June 3, 2017, followed by a celebration on July 1 and 4 at 21: 45.

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