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With an easy drive from New York City, this finger - like the Fairfield Country extension - is home to many of Connecticut's most popular hotels and restaurants. La Quinta Inn & Suites in Danbury is pet friendly, and the newly renovated Residence Inn on Dupont Circle is located in the heart of Bridgeport, just a few miles from the Connecticut State Fairgrounds.

The Heritage Hotel is located about 25 miles from Bridgeport in Southford, a short drive from Connecticut State Fairgrounds and Fall River State Park. Business travelers from Newcastle Upon Tyne will love the Embassy Suites at Detroit Metro Airport, located just a few miles from New York's JFK Airport. There are many hotels in the area, including the Hilton Garden Inn in Hartford, and there is an EmbassySuites at Detroit Subway Airport. On the night of September 11, 2001, a woman was attacked outside her home in New Haven, Connecticut.

One of the state's top tourist attractions is Yale University, home to one of the most prestigious universities in the world, Yale Law School. The city is home to the Yale School of Law and Yale-New Haven Medical Center, as well as Connecticut State Fairgrounds.

The Bridgeport Connecticut Choice Hotel, the largest hotel in the state and one of the most popular hotels in Connecticut, is available for $1,000 per night.

The Bridgeport Connecticut Choice Hotel, the largest hotel in the state and one of the most popular hotels in Connecticut, is available for $1,000 per night.

Enjoy the magnificent views of Meadowood Mall, located in the heart of Bridgeport, just a short drive from the hotel's main entrance.

The mall is located next to Meadowbrook State Parkway and is a popular destination for visitors from across the state and beyond. You can also search for a variety of restaurants, bars, shops and restaurants in Bridgeport as well as other local restaurants and bars. The hotel's main entrance will greet you with great views of the city, the Connecticut River and other parts of our state.

Simsbury is the only town on the list that is not in Fairfield County, but is considered rural in the following cities. To view the contact numbers (PDF), click here to go to the ADA Contact Point for Connecticut Judicial Authorities and select from a list of Connecticut cities. The Connecticut Department of Health's State of Public Health 2016-17 report was released Tuesday.

Four Connecticut cities made the top 50 list, Westport ranked 44th and five Connecticut cities made the list. That means that the latest DPH data suggest that the state's two most pressing amenities remain access to public transportation and the ability to access it via Route 87, but that cities across Connecticut should be included in both categories. Depending on how you look at it, four Connecticut cities make the top 50, five of them in Fairfield County and one in New Haven.

The most populous cities in CT are Bridgeport, New Haven and Hartford, and the least accessible cities are Trumbull, Shelton and North Haven. The Walk Score, which ranks the best cities across Connecticut, is bebe Hartford (# 1), New York City (# 2), Hartford / Newhaven (3rd) andBridgeport (4th). The cities with the highest walk scores in the state, Hartford and New Hampshire, have an average walk score of 40.0.

New Haven County has CT Town Profiles, a list of 169 Connecticut communities that contains information about Fairfield (CT 06824). Connecticut has 30 such communities with a total population of about 1.5 million, the Connecticut Department of Health said. Look for donation centers that sell used furniture, building materials, clothing and other items.

Essex, a basically colonial town on the Connecticut River, was home to travelers who traveled through 1776. Located on Middlesex County's historic Main Street, it offers a variety of dining and shopping options and also houses the Connecticut River Museum. Courtyard Hartford Manchester is located in the Buckland Hills shopping district of Bridgeport, about 30 miles north of Hartford and about 20 miles south of Manchester.

With about half a million residents in and around the state's capital, the center of Arkansas offers businesses an existing market and a new market to reach. The city offers its residents a variety of restaurants, bars, shops, restaurants and entertainment, and there is a developed business area in the city center. Atlanta has a vibrant energy, steeped in Southern hospitality and urban life, but its metro is truly diverse and accommodates all areas of life. It is home to more than 1,000 hotels and businesses and is partly home to the Atlanta BeltLine.

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