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The GrayBarns in Norwalk, Connecticut, are an oasis of peace from the bustling city, the old inn has 12 rooms and the new one behaves like a normal hotel. Rich history and modern luxury stay in this stunning, unique home overlooking the Silvermine River waterfall in Norwalk. This spacious, peaceful retreat is located on a pond outside the city.

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Bridgeport is located in southwest Connecticut and borders Fairfield County in Connecticut. This historic Norwalk, Connecticut property is less than an hour from New York and features an inn. The inn in the GrayBarns has a long history with its original owner, the Silverman, which is only half an hour's drive away. The Roman Catholic Diocese of Bridgeport is located in southeastern New York City, while its boundary is the same as that of Fairfields County, Hartford. Catholic diocese, and its boundaries were the same as those of Fairfield County in Connecticut.

It is 60 miles (kilometers) from New York City and the surrounding area, and there is a route of I-95 N that follows the same route as Interstate 95 N from Hartford to Bridgeport, Connecticut. It's about 60 minutes from the bridge port, but there are 210 trips a month on this route, so it's 52 miles. The area is surrounded by Fairfield County in Connecticut and Fairfields County, Hartford in the United States.

It's really bad because you still miss Bridgeport, but it's better than the way from Oxford to New York. You can drive from New York City to Oxford, Connecticut, in about 30 minutes, so it's a better way from New York to Oxford, but still not as good as from Hartford.

If you want to take the bus to Bridgeport, CT, click the arrow to change direction and board. It's 97 kilometers, but this map shows extended bus routes from New York City to Oxford, Connecticut. For the miles by bus to New Yorkers, Bridgeports is about 30 minutes away. You can get off at any station in the city, even Oxford station.

Visit the Bridgeport Holiday Inn Hotel in Bridgeports, CT and see the bus routes from New York City and Oxford, Connecticut. See the Connecticut State Capitol, the House of Representatives and the United States House of Representatives in Hartford.

Look at the 63 unbiased reviews of Tavern at Graybarns, which scored 4.5 on Tripadvisor and ranked 43 out of 323 restaurants in Norwalk. Features a fully equipped bar, private dining room and outdoor terrace overlooking Bridgeport and the Connecticut River.

Rowayton is a pretty seaside village in Norwalk, and Fairfield is minutes from Blue Ridge Parkway and the Bridgeport River. You can end the day with a visit to Black Rock, an idyllic location on the estate - such as the historic Silvermine - with stunning views of the Connecticut River, the Riverfront or the New Haven River and Connecticut State Park. Black Rock is the name of this beautiful seaside village, which is located on the border of Fairfields and the bridge tower. Rowaytons is another beautiful Seaside Village in Norwalk with a beautiful beach, scenic views and good food.

The Silvermine Tavern is a perfect getaway in Connecticut for family celebrations or romantic getaways. The Tavern at GrayBarns offers guests a fresh and refreshed ambience, with a variety of idyllic rural spaces and retreats, including the Haven Refuge, an hour from downtown New York City.

The newly renovated mill house, located on the former Silvermine Tavern, has had its unique location since the early 19th century, when it was a wooden mill that turned tent pegs for the Union Army, and is now inhabited by its current owners, the GrayBarns. The inn has been renovated to preserve its historic identity while offering a modern, modern experience with modern amenities and amenities for guests of all ages.

In July 2017, the Glazer Group refurbished the Silvermine Inn and reopened the new inn as the GrayBarns Silvermines on the River. The restaurant and restaurant will remain in their existing locations, and the completed project, both Gray Barns and Silver Mine on the River, will introduce a new dining and entertainment experience for guests of all ages, as well as a full-service restaurant.

The Glazer Group, owner and operator of the Silvermine Inn and Silvermines on the River and the GrayBarns Silverminses Hotel.

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