Bridgeport Connecticut Wyndham Hotel

The 32-room resort is located on the shores of Madison Beach Hotel, and the history and scenery of Carolyn Rich is the reason it was founded as a hotel for all time. This beautifully renovated destination offers a personalised alternative to the traditional hotel experience, meeting destination and private beach resort. Add to that the beautiful views of the Connecticut River, the scenic views of Bridgeport, Connecticut and They have a reason to be a "hotel of their age."

Nearby are the Performing Arts Center, Bridgeport Performing Arts Center and New Haven Museum of Art, as well as a variety of restaurants and shops.

The Wilbur Cross Parkway crosses the area and serves as a link between Bridgeport and New Haven and the state's main highway system. The Capitol Checkpoint in Hamden is located in a residential suburb of New York City, where more residents commute to New Yale for work than residents in Hamden. Possible applications include use in the motor vehicle sector, which requires a change in the zone but is not currently in use.

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This hotel is just 2 hours from NYC and is a bus stop on the trailways that take you directly to New York.

Two dogs of any size are welcome for an additional fee of $15 per pet per night or up to four dogs for a fee of $50 per dog per day.

Residence Inn in Danbury welcomes two pets of any size for an additional fee of $15 per pet per night or up to four dogs for a fee of $50 per dog per day. Near Homewood Suites Hilton Stratford, two dogs the size of two or more dogs and two cats can be accommodated for the same fee. Residences Inn of Danburys welcomes two pet sizes for the price of one - overnight stay for $10 per pet or two - one day stay at the hotel. Two pets of all sizes are welcome at this hotel, for $20 per cat or $25 per child for each dog.

Shelton in Fairfield County allows pets for a fee of $15 per pet per night or up to four dogs for the same fee. Bridgeport State Park is one of Connecticut's most popular animal-friendly parks. The Graduate Inn & Spa in Bridgeports Park welcomes two dogs of any size for an additional fee of $25 per night and two cats for two people - one day stay.

Connecticut is a state that has something for everyone, and Mystic offers the best value for money. Easton, Connecticut, is home to an award-winning school that has prizes, farms, fishes on the pier and preserves its land forever. Whether you are just passing through or staying at one of the many hotels in Mystic, Mystic or Bridgeport Connecticut, every corner and corridor of the hotel will welcome you with moments of surprise and discovery.

Affiliated to Yale University School of Medicine, it is one of the most prestigious medical schools in the state of Connecticut and offers access to the best medical education and research facilities in the world. From 25 February 2020, all suites will be equipped with modern amenities such as gym, spa, gym, gym, pool and gym.

St. Joseph's joined the All-Connecticut Conference (ACC) as a founding member and had been a member of FCIAC since the 1970s. Before that, St. Joseph's had the US Air Force Academy and the US Naval Academy. The property was taken over by a Connecticut group to turn into a retirement community. Here you will find properties and houses for sale in CT beginning June 1, 2017, and more information about the Bridgeport Hotel and other properties in the area.

More About Bridgeport

More About Bridgeport