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Welcome to the largest family business in the Northeast serving Bridgeport, Connecticut. We are located just a few miles north of New Haven, New York City, and offer high quality residential, commercial and mixed properties. We are located in Bridgeports and offer a wide range of residential, commercial and office properties at the intersection of Main Street and Main Avenue, south of the Connecticut River.

Bridgeport has a 58.2% retirement rate, the highest in the Bridgeport metropolitan area. It shows that a mortgage share of 28% is greater than any of the larger places in our region, and a no mortgage share of 21% is the second highest of all cities in New Haven, New York City and Connecticut. Bridgeports has a 20.5% mortgage rate with a 23.7% "no" mortgage rate and the third highest number of "mortgages" at 29.6%.

The median property tax paid to the state of Connecticut at $5,898 also shows the rent distribution in the area, compared to all states in Connecticut. The median price of a single-family home in Bridgeport was $139,000 in 2012, the second highest of all cities in New Haven, New York City, and Connecticut, and it is above the median price of a single-family home in Westport CDP, which has a median property tax rate of $1,078. This is a good indication of the difference between the average residential value and the median rent in our area. By comparison, Bridgeports is one of only three metropolitan areas with a higher median income per square foot than Connecticut, and is only second only to Hartford, Connecticut's largest city, whose median home price is $26,927, while the median income for a single home is just over $2,500.

Another thing to note is that property values in Bridgeport are so high that they continue to rise faster than most communities, despite the nationwide housing market downturn. Over the past 12 months, Bridgeport's real estate appreciation rate has remained at 8.10%, well above the national average of 0.88%. This represents an increase of over $1,000 per square foot per year over the past 12 months. We can expect that number to increase as people flock here from more expensive real estate markets, including, but not limited to, New York City.

Although this article alone is not a comprehensive source of information for a final investment decision in Bridgeport, we have collected a number of positive things based on evidence that we believe are important to help you invest in Bridgeport real estate in 2019. Some of these factors need to be taken into account, such as high property values, low interest rates and low taxes.

Downtown Bridgeport is the most affordable neighborhood with a median list price of 127.5 square miles. This means that you can have a property near a large school, which consists of a single-family house, an apartment building, a hotel and a business building. Here are the top 10 neighborhoods in Bridgeports that should invest in real estate in 2019 because they have high rates of appreciation, low interest rates and low property taxes.

If you need to sell your home for any reason, be sure to browse the CT site map to rent apartments in Connecticut County, alphabetically. You can also use this map view to find home and apartment sales based on amenities in Bridgeport, CT that you want nearby.

For information about the Connecticut area, visit Bridgeport, a CT area of interest for home and apartment sales. This gives an overview of the area to visit and a list of available houses and apartments for sale and rent in the region.

There are 521 homes and villas for sale in Connecticut, and you can see the properties listed in the photo below in Bridgeport, a CT area of interest for home and apartment sales. To find luxury homes in Connecticut based on amenities and city features you are looking for nearby, use our Connecticut Luxury House Sales map to find the cheapest luxury homes in your area and compare properties. Find cheap properties for sale, check out cheap condos in Hartford and cheapest condos throughout Connecticut.

What are the best neighborhoods in Bridgeport, Connecticut, and what won't you find, foreclosed homes make up a large percentage of what we'll find. Standing up to the market and leaving unchecked vacant Bridgeports homes and apartments can drag on the housing market for years if not treated. Once vacant homes are put on the market and occupied, they can have a negative impact on property values and prices in the region. We give you the opportunity to find properties that you can repair, turn over, repair or rent, and give those looking for Bridge Portport real estate the chance to find them for sale.

If you want to work with a professional, it is very easy to contact an estate agent in Bridgeport, CT. Brown Brothers Real Estate Investments can help you find the best real estate in your area and other areas of Connecticut.

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